Latest plumbing technology

About us

“Baltic Therm” is a plumbing services and trading company. It has been established since 2007 and specializes in designing and installing all engineering systems of buildings, which includes plumbing and heating systems. We also run the following electronic trading platforms ; and

Plumbing Services

“Baltic Therm” provides all in-house and outside plumbing and heating installation services. We construct plumbing systems, pipes, equipment and other appliances in houses, apartments, public institutions, office and industrial buildings. We have provided our service in Lithuania, Latvia, and Belgium.

Plumbing Supplies

“Baltic Therm” has been providing online trading for plumbing materials and equipment since 2009. Our online shop offers 9000 famous European brands products.

Trade in Tools

We have been selling household and construction equipment and tools in our online shop It offers a variety of tools for gardening and forestry work, including hand tools, power tools and equipment as well as mechanical devices for professional work. We collaborate with the leading providers of tools in Lithuania.